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USBWN Leadership and Partners have taken an oath to help our members thrive as entrepreneurs.  We ask each person to

1.  Be committed to the advancement of women.

2. Operate with integrity when engaging our members.

3.  Always hold themselves accountable not just to USBWN, but to themselves.

4. Remember that as a leader it is their responsibility to actively listen to our members.

USBWN believes in the power of diversity not just in people, but in knowledge and expertise.  We believe that everyone deserves a chance and we are here to help. We will not tolerate discrimination, harassment or bullying in any form.
USBWN is committed to impacting the growth of each member of our organization by giving them the tools and resources to achieve their individual goals and be successful.  We have helped thousands of women realize their dream of becoming business owners. Our mission as an organization is to assist one million women with the tools and resources they need to build profitable businesses by the year 2030.
The Culture of USBWN is centered on “The Golden Rule” of treating others the same way we want to be treated. We have worked diligently to build a solid reputation of supporting women with the tools and resources needed to build profitable companies that make a difference and empower the communities where we live, work and play every day.  We believe in a world where women are given the opportunities to be everything they dreamed of and so much more.
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The Edge is the only Women’s Business Center in Cobb County–one of only two in the state of Georgia–funded in part through a cooperative agreement with the U.S. Small Business Administration.

The Edge specializes in meeting the needs of women entrepreneurs through the delivery of best-practices in micro-enterprise and small business training, financial education, entrepreneurial focused instruction and consultation, and essential entrepreneurial support services to aid micro-entrepreneurs with launching, sustaining, and growing a business.


The United States Business Women’s Network leads with the heart of our members. We empower, equip and educate women-owned businesses to create economic opportunities within their networks and communities. What separates us from other organizations are not just our members, but our partners who operate with our core values of commitment, accountability, integrity, respect and servant leadership. USBWN believes in paying it forward by offering value and providing a safe environment for women to not only lead, but to give. We are proud of the legacies we help to create each and every day through the women we serve.

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